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Weekend Multimedia Journalist

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Angel Thompson joined WTAP News Team in July 2019 as the weekend reporter.

Angel was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA. She received her BA in Human Communication from Arizona State University. She most recently received her MA in Journalism from Michigan State University in May 2018.

Angel is passionate about covering news and sports. Feel free to contact her with any news stories.

In her free time, Angel is an avid sports fan; she loves the Los Angeles Lakers. She is looking forward to southern living here in West Virginia. Feel free to give her any advice on how to adjust.

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NBC News Headlines

Tropical storms inch toward Puerto Rico, Bermuda

The U.S. National Hurricane Center said Karen was expected to pass near or over Puerto Rico and the U.S. and British Virgin Islands on Tuesday.

Celebrity chef Carl Ruiz dies at 44

“No words can fully express our sadness at the sudden loss of our dear friend and brother,” his restaurant, La Cubana, said on Instagram.

Veterans speak out about fight to claim VA benefits after military sexual assault

For veterans who were victims of sexual assault, the process of claiming benefits for post-traumatic stress disorder through the Veterans Administration can be extremely difficult. Kate Snow hears from service members who say it took years, and sometimes decades, to get their benefits – if they received them at all. Last year, the VA Office of Inspector General found that nearly half of military sexual trauma claims “were not properly processed.”

American man dies after proposing to girlfriend underwater in Tanzania

Steven Weber and his girlfriend Kenesha Antoine were staying in an underwater room off the coast of Tanzania, and Weber proposed by swimming to her window with a sign. Weber drowned shortly after, though it’s unclear what happened during his return to the surface.

American man dies during underwater marriage proposal

The resort where the couple were staying confirmed to NBC News that a male guest drowned while freediving alone outside the underwater room on Thursday.