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Jack Selby joined WTAP in October of 2019 as the producer for the Wake Up MOV! and Daybreak programs.

Born in Washington, D.C. and raised largely in Falls Church, Virginia just a few miles south, Jack began to grow a passion for the broadcasting industry after seeing Bob Costas’ timeless cameo in the 1998 film BASEketball. He graduated from both George Mason High School, and George Mason University with a Bachelor’s in Communications, with a concentration in Media Production and Criticism in the Spring of 2017, so he was able to save on apparel.

Some of Jack’s greatest accomplishments in life include losing over 100 lbs, being able to name every NBA champion in ascending order, being friends with Brittany Morgan, and the time at the 2018 MLB Celebrity Softball Game that Shaquille O’Neal pointed at him and acknowledged his existence, a moment that left Jack with a sense of fulfillment that he is still trying to fill to this day.

In his spare time, Jack produces and co-hosts his own podcast, enjoys working out, loves watching the NBA and MLB, and writes music reviews. His talents include doing a dead-on impression of a clown horn and being flexible enough to put his palms on the floor. His dream is to one day reach a sense of genuine happiness and accomplishment, or alternatively, be given a piggyback ride from Barry Bonds.

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