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Mitchell joined WTAP as the Marietta Bureau Reporter in January of 2020.

Mitchell Blahut was born in San Francisco, CA and lived there for the first five years of his life before his family moved to Colorado for a year and then settling in Springfield, VA. He would play high school football for West Springfield High School for all four years.

Mitchell fell in love with the idea of being a broadcast journalist when he began watching Sportscenter at an early age and when he went to the now-closed Newseum in Washington, DC when he was 13.

He graduated from West Virginia University after the Fall semester of 2019 and has adopted it as one of his homes. He went there because of the media school and the Emmy Award-winning WVU News program that is offered there as well. He credits much of his success to his professor in that same class, Gina Dahlia, who he refers to as his “second mom.”

Mitchell has spent much of his journalism experience writing for sports blogs. More specifically on his San Francisco 49ers. He’s looking to gain all of the experience and knowledge that he can from WTAP as this will be his first taste of a professional news station.

Mitchell enjoys listening to music, sports, playing video games, and watching shows and movies.

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