UPDATE: Parkersburg Police identify suspect in break-in

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Parkersburg Police have identified the suspect accused of breaking and entering into a building that's used by local boy scouts.

Chief Martin says a man broke into a building located at 1349 St. Marys Avenue back on March 31 and stole a knife collection.

Police believe they now know who is behind the crime but aren't releasing his name until he's in custody.

Chief Martin says they are not only trying to locate the suspect but also what was stolen.

"The investigators working the case are still trying to locate some of the stolen property that was taken from within the building it's very unique items and hopefully easily traced and we can recover them and give them back to the owner hopefully," Chief Martin said.

WTAP reached out to the boy scout troop that utilizes the building for comment. But we haven't heard back.


Authorities are looking for a man accused of breaking into a business in Parkersburg.

The man was caught on surveillance footage breaking into a business on St. Mary’s Avenue.

The Parkersburg Police Department is looking for your help in identifying the suspect.

If you have any information, can contact Detective Pinkerton at 304-424-1063, send a message to the department's Facebook page or leave an anonymous tip on the department's website, https://pkbpolice.com.

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