2019 Home Run Derby draws crowds from all over country

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WTAP)- What has come to be known as the midsummer classic is just as much about the fans as it is about showcasing some of baseball’s greatest talent.

“We’re big Tribe fans. I grew up in the Cleveland area and I remember when the All-Star game was here in ’97, got pumped about that. To be here with my son and my husband and my son’s friend, back again and to kind of just take in all the awesomeness that is Cleveland,” says Lizz Maxwell, a fan attending All-Star Week events.

The events, including fan activities like Playball Park, draw families with roots all over the country.

“I moved out of West Virginia I would say in ’97…met her after school and the army and moved up, moved over here and stayed here. But we actually just went back to West Virginia a few weeks ago and visited,” recalls Nick Maxwell.

Lizz says she’s excited to take in one of the game’s biggest weeks.

“It’s something else. I’m just a big baseball fan so just to see everyone come from all over, all different states, and all over the word really, to be here for such a great game like this, it’s really cool. This is Cleveland. They get to experience how great this city is.”

Miniature Home Run Derby experts Vincent and Joseph Tropiano predicted a Josh Bell victory, while the Maxwells stuck with Cleveland’s hometown hero Carlos Santana.

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