25th annual Barlow-Vincent Safety Town teaches age appropriate safety to children

BARLOW, Ohio (WTAP)- This is the 25th year of the Barlow-Vincent Safety Town.

The program was held at the Barlow fairgrounds this week and kids were taught safety tips through interactive demonstrations and other activities.

With each day dedicated to a different topic, including farm and fire safety, children learn songs and rhymes that will help them remember vital safety information.

The camp’s organizers feel that they are making a difference with the program.

“I think the important this is if, even in 25 years we’ve only saved one life, then it’s worth it. I think the things that we teach them, especially farm safety where we live, are things that they’re going to come in contact with at some point in their life. I think that’s the most beneficial reason,” says Lisa Mayle, a teacher and coordinator of Safety Town.

50 kids attended the Barlow-Vincent Safety town this year, and the program is always held the first week of June.

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