2nd annual Parkersburg Pride draws hundreds to City Park

PARKERSBURG, W.Va (WTAP)- Even through a cloudy Saturday, in Parkersburg, hundreds of rainbows could be seen.

“We’ve got allies here; we’ve got members of the LGBTQ+ community. June is the anniversary month of the Stonewall riots which happened 50 years ago this month in New York City. We mark that as our annual occasion to reflect upon our community and to be visible and to be proud of who we are,” says Jeanne Peters, Co-Chair of Parkersburg Pride.

While the event did draw a protester or two, those attending say they found comfort in the support they were receiving from their community.

“I think it shows that there are people out here that care for those that are marginalized,” notes Cammy Murray, president of Parkersburg Pride.

Peters stresses that the groups hopes are simply to be seen.

“All we’re asking for is equality and to be treated in the same way and to have people respect us in the same manor. We continue to be loud and proud and visible and we need an occasion to build our community and celebrate our community."

Pride organizers stress the importance of being together to support one another as a vital element to progress.

“It lets, especially young folks, know that they’re not alone," Murray adds.

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