39th annual fishing derby brings out young people with a passion for fishing

PARKERSBURG, W.Va (WTAP)- The 39th annual fishing derby was held on Saturday at Parkersburg City Park and Southwood Park. On Thursday, 800 pounds of trout were split between the two locations.

Kids ages 3 to 14 tried their luck to win various prizes for the competition originally started by former Parkersburg Mayor Al Smith.

“I just love being here. I come here every year and I will start coming here every year, I just love fishing because it’s been my childhood,” explains Miller.

When asked to share their favorite thing about the event, the young fisherman’s answers varied.

“Catching the fish, the bass, trout, catfish. I love coming here with my brothers,” says James Hudson.

“You get trophies,” notes Jacob Ruble.

“I like fishing…but I hate eating fish,” explains James Merinar.

Regardless of their taste for fish, many of the kids plan to pass on the tradition for years to come.

“I’m going to bring my kids here for the fishing derby. I’ll teach my kids how to fish,” says Miller.