40th annual Marietta Bridal show gives brides-to-be a one-stop-shop

MARIETTA OH, (WTAP)- A tradition in Marietta welcomes hundreds of soon-to-be newlyweds to help them plan their big day.

“This is the 40th year of the Marietta Bridal show…we have about 75 vendors, I plan on at least 800 people coming through. You can find everything from venues, DJ’s, caterers, anything that you would need for a wedding,” says Lori Hanson, the show coordinator.

Allison Adams is only a month in to her engagement, but she found this one stop bridal shop to be the perfect place to make some headway in planning her November nuptial.

“We’re looking for a photographer, catering, event designs is one of our vendors that we’re looking at too for decorations and stuff like that as well,” says Allison Adams, a bride to be.

“The first things that I think that people should look for are the main- venue, DJ, photographer. I think those book up the quickest,” suggests Hanson.

And the event allows the future brides to form a solid vision for their big day.

“It kind of opens your eyes a little bit more. You can see things in person. Like Lori has her pictures here so you can see the work that she does. So that helps a lot to actually be able to visualize it. And kind of makes you open up your eyes a little bit more and know what you can expect at your wedding,” Adams explains.

But the most exciting thing, Adams finds, is the adventure she and her new husband will embark on after their wedding.

“This is finalizing our relationship and it’s just exciting to spend the rest of our lives together,” she beams.

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