41st Annual Apple Butter Stir Off underway in Belpre

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BELPRE, Ohio (WTAP) - Saturday kicked off the Belpre Lions Club’s 41st Apple Butter Stir Off.

The apple butter is stirred by volunteers from the Pioneer Presbyterian Church, though they were more than willing to show anyone the ropes.

“Originally we made apple butter because we wanted to continue a tradition, show kids how our forefathers made it, and this is a fundraiser for the church,” said Tom Webster, a volunteer.

The volunteers expect to make around 280 gallons of apple butter total this year.

On the main stage, just to the side of the apple butter, was a pet pageant, which featured dogs dressed up in Halloween costume, including a Chihuahua dressed as a biker.

There was also a young women’s pageant.

“This is more of a community service pageant, so we do a lot of raising funds and getting donations in order to help other people,” said Pageant Ambassador Tori Sydenstricker.

And on Sunday, there will be a baby pageant.

If you missed out on Saturday, you can head over to Belpre on Sunday for even more stir off activities.