4th annual Parkersburg walk against heroin remembers lives lost and celebrates sobriety

PARKERSBURG, W. Va. The 4th annual Parkersburg walk against heroin was held in City Park Saturday.

The Parkersburg community came out strong as they gathered to comfort each other and share stories of friends and family members they've lost to drug abuse and others celebrated sobriety.

People in the community feel this walk is needed to continue to bring awareness to the drug problem.

Teresa "Momma T" Racer is the founder of the street ministry, Momma T and the Warriors.

Momma T and the Warriors supplied the food for the event and continues to do the work in the community that she believes is needed.

"This city has been taken over by drugs and it is a horrible thing. This is so important, it's so important that we bring awareness. People don't understand how bad the problem is out here. The drugs, the homelessness, the poverty; this city is going to fall apart if people don't step out into the streets," said Momma T.

There have been at least 8 overdoses in Parkersburg this week.

Momma T and the warriors were thrilled to serve and she knows she is doing God's work.

"Think about the families that lost somebody what an honor it is to them to see their city coming out honoring their families and it was a bad thing, it was a tragedy but God's going to take it and make it into something good," said Momma T.

Lenora Lada is a mother who lost her son, Trey back in December of 2017 and this is her first time attending the walk.

"I want to remember how people liked him; he was a lot of fun. He was a great person. He loved his friends, he loved his family, and I just want them to remember that," said Lada.

"One of Trey's friends made these shirts with a picture of him on the front. It was a picture that he had and then it says on the back if love could save you. You would've been saved. So, its just one of those things where we give tribute to him everyday," said Lada.

Lenora like many others shared their stories in hopes that this can bring change to the community.

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