Local schools look to become trauma-informed

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MARIETTA, Ohio (WTAP) - In the age of school shootings and increasing awareness of bullying, local schools are looking to improve how they can help students facing trauma.

Marietta city schools is working toward making all of its schools trauma-informed. The county-wide effort looks to teach staff about identifying and addressing many types of trauma that students may be facing in and outside of the classroom.

These events could range from school shootings and bullying to events outside of school like the death of a loved one, parents divorce or simple day to day struggles.

"We need to change the way that we're dealing with children in the classroom," Harmar Elementary principal Cheryl Cook said, "so that they can become resilient learners, resilient people."

"To come to school everyday and have the mindset in trying to understand where our students are coming from," school counselor Sarah Miller said, "and what they're coming from, to better help them in life, not just here at school with education but just in life."

School officials are also implementing programs like Pax to involve the students and form relationships.