Arkansas woman cited when about 260 rats, 11 pythons (and that's not all) are seized

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MILLER COUNTY, AR (KSLA) - Authorities say they recently seized about 260 rats from a Southwest Arkansas woman's home.

That's not all.

They report having also found dead animals plus dozens more creatures living in unclean conditions.

In addition to the rats, there were:

  • 11 pythons, including a reticulated python,
  • 7 birds,
  • 6 dogs,
  • 4 hamsters,
  • 2 puppies
  • 2 rabbits,
  • 2 mice,
  • 2 other snakes, including a king snake,
  • 4 lizards, including a bearded dragon, a monitor lizard, a leopard gecko and a tegu,
  • 1 ferret, and,
  • 1 kitten.

"The situation apparently got out of control. And the animals simply were not adequately cared for," Miller County sheriff's Deputy Mark Lewis said.

"Some of the animals obviously needed cleaning. Some of the cages needed cleaning."

And some animals required some minor medical attention, Lewis added.

Now the animals are in foster care.

And Franziska Santifer faces 16 misdemeanor citations for animal cruelty.

She's due in court June 10.

Deputies said they visited Santifer's residence after someone tipped them off.

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