Woman dies after fight over parking spot

PHILADELPHIA, PA (KYW/CNN) - A woman died after a fight over a parking spot in Philadelphia Friday night.

Estremera was a wife and mother of three. (Source: KYW/CNN)

Around 8:30, police responded to a call on the 2500 block of North Jessup Street as two women fought each other over a parking spot.

Lourdes Estremera died after the altercation.

"There was two neighbors arguing and, you know, they had a heated argument and it got a little physical. Now my mom is no longer here," Christian Rosa said.

According to authorities, Estremera became unresponsive while talking to officers, who then requested a medic. The 57-year-old was pronounced dead a short time later.

Rosa said his mother was a wife and mother of three.

"It just doesn't make sense for people who try to do good in the neighborhood to go down in senseless violence, you know what i'm saying? I just hope people can appreciate and give them flowers when they're alive rather than wait for something to go down and hopefully we can think before we do something," Rosa said.

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