WATCH: Bodycam footage shows Georgia police officer save baby

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WAYNESBORO, Ga. (WRDW/WAGT/Gray News) - Police body camera video captures the moment a police sergeant saved a 6-month-old infant who was struggling to breathe.

(Source: WRDW)

The officer and baby AJ, once strangers, are now linked after the life-changing moment at a Dollar General store in January.

When Waynesboro Police Sgt. Harold Drummond heard the call from the Burke County Sheriff’s Office, he knew he was probably the closest officer even though it wasn’t his agency. He raced to the scene.

Drummond’s bodycam shows the moment he jumped out of his patrol car. The family met him with the baby in their arms.

"What you got, what you got?" the officer asked AJ’s dad.

"We got a baby that isn't breathing,” he said.

Drummond started CPR, using his two fingers to do compressions on the infant’s chest.

After a few agonizing moments, AJ started crying. He was breathing again.

"Okay, okay, you're okay," Drummond says in the video.

The whole episode only took a few minutes, but it felt like a lifetime to the officer.

"The fact that I'm having this baby, holding this baby, the fact that I'm looking at the parents and they're begging me, asking me to help them … I was extremely nervous," Drummond said.

AJ, who had a respiratory virus at the time, has fully recovered and is playing with his twin sister again.

"Words can't describe how grateful and thankful we are," AJ’s mom Angel Collins said.

It’s all part of the job, the second-year sergeant said, adding he believes he did what any law enforcement would have done.

"It wasn’t an option; it was an obligation."

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