7th graders develop solutions for monarch butterfly decline

MARIETTA, Ohio (WTAP) - While many are worried about the election, one group of 7th graders is worried about the decline of monarch butterflies.

Kenneth Dwain Harrelson / Creative Commons / MGN

Students at Marietta Middle School came up with innovative methods of increasing the population of monarch butterflies. Some invented video applications while others proposed special milkweed corridors to Mexico.

Brian Richards was part of a group that outlined an online game.

“A game might be a good first solution to raise money and show the differences of the way monarch butterflies live and how people think they live,” he said.

The decline is from the decrease in milkweed in corn and soybean fields over the past 20 years. In September and October, the Ohio Department of Transportation planted more milkweed along the state’s highways. The ODOT says it appreciates students taking the time to develop solutions.

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