86 housing units soon available in Parkersburg

Published: Jan. 10, 2020 at 5:35 PM EST
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Parkersburg has frequently seen construction of new multi-unit housing projects, most recently, a complex at the site of the former Rayon elementary school.

Right now, however, two are under construction in different parts of the city.

One of them is a complex providing 36 multi-family housing units, in three different buildings.

Rowan Apartments will be located on Buckeye Street on Parkersburg's South Side, and developed by Spire Development from Dublin, Ohio.

"We welcome it, quite frankly, because it gives folks of a certain demographic," says Mayor Tom Joyce, "whether it be their age or their income or whatever, safe, appropriate housing, and that's important for everybody."

Mayor Joyce is also referring to Murdoch Heights Apartments, a four-story, 50-unit complex under construction near St. Joseph's Landing.

Its tenants will be seniors, 55 years of age and older.

"There's a lot of talk on the national level about it, but it's the same in West Virginia," says Steve Sadd, Developer, Grant Street Companies, L.L.C.. "We have an aging population, and we are certain the 50 units we are building will absorb very nicely in Parkersburg."

Its developer says he's been involved in construction of similar units across West Virginia.

"We've built some projects in Charleston, we're active in Clarksburg, and Fairmont; we've put quite a few projects in there," Sadd says. "We're one of the more active developers in the West Virginia Housing Development Fund."

The city says the two projects combined represent an investment of $9.3 million.