911 Center honors 20-year employees

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WOOD COUNTY, W.Va.-(WTAP) Wood County's 911 Center opened at its current location 20 years ago this past weekend. And a number of its current employees have been there all along.

Those employees were honored for their service to the center, and to 911 itself, at a luncheon Thursday.

The center's first director remembers that, while most had worked for other agencies, they had to be trained to work with the new technology.

Former 911 Center director D.R. Smith says the 20-year employees are a dedicated group.

"We were thrown into the fire, wide open, and it worked," Smith recalls. "Many of them have been here for the full 20 years. It just goes to show that when you have quality people, quality lasts through time. And these are quality people."

Wirt County, which is affiliated with the Wood County center, and the Wood County Commission, were also presented with plaques of appreciation.

A former elementary school was renovated for the center's operations.

Congratulations to those who received 20 year service award plaques:

Mary Beth Jeffers
Adrien Nokelby
Aaron Fleenor
Duane Jones
William Riffle
Tommy Dotson
Debbie Tennant