Academic Achiever of the Week: Annie Hunt

Published: Mar. 25, 2020 at 3:10 PM EDT
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Annie Hunt is a junior at Ravenswood High School maintaining above a 4.0 grade point average.

“I’m a really competitive person. I always put my academics and anything first. I”m just, I’m really competitive,” said Hunt.

But her achievements go beyond getting good grades. She’s also a talented athlete with varsity letters in cross country and basketball though she’s especially fond of basketball.

“I’m on West Virginia Thunder and we play through the summer. And that’s like one of the top 10 AU branches in the U.S. and I”m really lucky to be on that team,” said Hunt.

She’s also known for her leadership skills and volunteer service. She’s been an iBelieve rep, a Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership Ambassador and she loves student council.

“I love student council because I love just being a part of a group of people that really care about what their school is doing. And planning events, and helping and doing community service projects and I really like that, so that’s why I try to get elected every single year,” said Hunt.

Even though she’s involved in a wide variety of activities, Annie says her future is probably in the medical field.

“I think I want to go into a branch of genetics. My sophomore year, I tore my ACL, so I had surgery, the whole 9 yards, physical therapy, and that really piqued my interest.

That interest is backed by talent. After all, she was biology student of the year at RHS.

“Annie’s an outstanding student. She’s been with me in general biology when she was a sophomore and now this year she’s taking genetics first semester, microbiology this semester, both of which are advanced level classes, honors, college level and has been outstanding in all three situations. As, nothing even close to not being an A. Very inquisitive, very naturally gifted, intelligent, tremendous work ethic. All that makes her extremely successful,” said Hunt’s biology teacher Gary Brayham.