Academic Achiever of the Week: Emme Bowe

Published: Jun. 17, 2020 at 9:55 AM EDT
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Emme Bowe is a graduating senior at Warren High School with a love for writing and art. A straight A student all her life, Bowe is at the top of her class. She was so far ahead, she could have graduated last year. Instead she chose to stay and take a lot of elective classes, mainly in art.

As this year’s recipient of the Glenn Wilson Memorial Scholarship, Bowe hopes to combine her two biggest passions into a career.

“I love to write, and I’m excited to be able to combine the writing with art in the marketing setting.” said Bowe.

“I just love expressing myself through art. And, I think it’s really interesting what you paint and portray can influence what someone feels and what they think about a certain issue. I think that will play really well into marketing and what I want to do with school.”

This fall, Bowe is heading to Ohio University, where she will study Strategic Communications in the Scripps School of Journalism.

“It’s basically just a combination of public relations, marketing and advertising,” said Bowe.

It’s a good fit for Bowe, who has shown a great deal of talent in her works. She's an especially talented writer, and like many writers before her, her love for writing began as a love for reading.

“When I was younger, I was a really big bookworm,” said Bowe. “I just loved that how words are arranged on a page could influence how you think, how you feel. And then, I saw how those words influenced me and I decided to use it as a way to express myself.”

On top of her academic talents, Bowe is a multi sport athlete. She spent three years on the basketball team and four years on the track team.

“We qualified for state last year in the 4x4, which was awesome. We had a good chance of going back this year, but obviously we don’t really know,” said Bowe.

She has also been involved in student council and she was the president of National Honor Society during the 2019-2020 school year.

“As the president of National Honor Society, I was in charge of organizing and being kind of the brainstormer for our service projects. We did a humane society drive, and during Thanksgiving we did ‘blessing bottles,’ which, we put hygiene products in giant water bottles to give to homeless shelters,” said Bowe.

As to what keeps her motivated, Bowe says she just wants to keep learning.

“I feel like I’m pretty generally a driven person and a lot of that just comes from my love of learning. I think that will make me successful, because I’ll always want to learn more about what I’m doing. I think that’ll keep me going,” said Bowe.