Academic Achiever of the Week: Isabelle Bradley

Published: Mar. 17, 2020 at 2:34 PM EDT
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Isabelle Bradley is a senior at Parkersburg South High School. She’s an artist in more ways than one.

“Isabelle is a jack of all trades when it comes to the arts,” said Abbie Burge, Bradley’s AP Art teacher. “She’s very talented at drawing and realism, but she has also stepped into more abstract concepts, design. I’m exceptionally proud of how she’s showing different human emotion in her work as a part of her concentration.”

And she has a 4.1 Grade Point Average.

“I try to do everything ambitiously, and be determined with everything I do in life,” Bradley said.

Her ambition has landed her a handful of scholarships to Marietta College—where Bradley has committed to earning her degree in graphic design.

“I hope to work with the arts side, I’ve always loved the arts and I’m excited that I get to pursue that,” said Bradley. “But, I’m honestly just really excited to go to college.”

Outside of the classroom, Bradley spends her time volunteering.

“The National Honors Society is where I do the majority of my work. We do a lot of stuff—recently with nursing homes. We do a lot of stuff with Earth Day,” Bradley said.

And her NHS work is among a long list of other projects. Including raising money for koalas during Australia’s wildfires, organizing a haunted house, organizing for “Parkersburg Sleep-out,” and volunteering 180 hours in the art classroom at South.

“I’m with Ms. Burge everyday for 45 minutes,” Bradley said. “I basically just help her around, I run errands for her, I organize her stuff, I clean things for her, make sure everything’s in order.”

After all this hard work, Bradley says she wants work for Disney.

“She’s a true renaissance woman. She has the brains, she can hold her own in math class or an English class. She also has a very artistic side and through dance she has an athletic side as well. She’s a really well rounded student. I believe if she decides to pursue Disney, she will be successful,” said Burge.

Bradley says she has always loved movies, especially the ones Disney makes. Some day, she hopes to work for the company that she says helped her learn to draw.

“I watch the movies to see how things move and how expressions work. That’s how I, that’s honestly how I taught myself to draw faces and stuff, I just watched those movies endlessly and endlessly,” said Bradley. “So that’s what I hope to do, work on character design, concept art, posters even. Anything along those lines, I’d be perfectly happy with. That’s my big dream.”

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