Academic Achiever of the Week: Katelyn Cline

Published: Apr. 14, 2020 at 12:59 PM EDT
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Katelyn Cline is a senior at Marietta High School. She has a 4.0 and is number 1 in her class rank. She’s on the principal’s list and takes honors, AP, even college classes.

“I don’t really think about it a whole lot. Just go to school and do the work and come home, then go back to school,” Cline said.

As graduation approaches, Cline says she’s bummed about all the things she, her twin sister, and the rest of her class are missing out on amid the coronavirus outbreak.

“None of us want to miss graduation. Jessie and I, since we’re twins, we’re both graduating, we’re kind of bummed out because we’re afraid we won’t be able to graduate,” said Cline.

But before a global pandemic closed Marietta City Schools, Cline says she was enjoying her senior year. She’s heavily involved in the school’s band. Playing in both the concert and marching bands, as well as participating in solo and ensemble. WTAP even interviewed her in the fall when The Wall of Sound was band of the week.

“We got started in band because our dad was in the band when he was in high school. When we came up to middle school, he kind of wanted us to at least try band, see if we liked it, because it was something he had done,” said Cline.

Katelyn and her sister have stuck with it ever since. She plays the French horn (or mellophone in the marching band) and her sister plays the saxophone.

Outside of the band, Katelyn and her sister like to volunteer at a food pantry, and last summer they volunteered at Marietta Memorial Hospital as part of a week long internship. Katelyn says she and her sister are very close.

“It’s actually kind of funny. Our schedules are the exact same for school and have been the exact same kind of since freshman year; the only difference that year was we had flip flopped 7 and 8. But since then we’ve had literally the exact same schedule,” said Cline. “We’re kind of always with each other.”

And on her own time, Katelyn likes to crochet and read.

Cline’s dad is a surgeon and she wants to pursue a similar career, but instead of humans, Cline wants to treat animals.

“After high school I’m going to attend Clarion University in Pennsylvania, majoring in biology. After that, I hope to attend grad school so I can become a veterinarian,” said Cline.

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