Activist reminds Murdoch Avenue that it's Earth Day

Published: Apr. 22, 2020 at 5:59 PM EDT
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A single environmental activist stood along Murdoch Avenue Wednesday afternoon holding a green sign with the words "Earth Day - Fifty Years" scrawled across it. She was out to remind everyone in the middle of a pandemic, that Wednesday was Earth Day.

Her name is Dawn Weidner and she's an activist with Mid-Ohio Valley Climate Action. MOVCA had planned multiple events for this Earth Day, including a tree planting ceremony in Wood County and a "bridge walk" that would have united activists on both sides of the Ohio River.

As these events were cancelled due to the virus outbreak, Weidner took to the streets on her own, to raise awareness on what she calls "the day, or the holiday for the environment."

"There's absolutely systematic change that needs to happen on a broader level, but having awareness of how we move about in the world and the effects that we have on everything and everyone we come into contact with is an essential part of it," said Weidner.

The Mid-Ohio Valley Climate Action group is celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of Earth Day online. On their website, a link can be found to a live stream of fellow activists, musicians and teachers speaking their minds on a variety of topics.

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