Actors Guild undergoing renovations

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PARKERSBURG W.Va. (WTAP) - The Actors Guild of Parkersburg, on Market Street, is making some much-needed renovations to its space.

The initial renovation started in their basement, where the actors go between scenes. a brand new Green Room was built, and added a sink and a refrigerator to the downstairs area.

They are now looking to make renovations inside the theater itself. Sprinklers need to be added inside the theater, as well as redoing the ceiling to have more effects during the show.

They are also going to add an elevator where the current lobby bathrooms are, making the lobby more spacious and less crowded during performances.

This has caused two of their shows to be performed elsewhere. Madagascar has been moved to Blennerhassett Middle School, while "Sense and Sensibility" has been moved to a theater at WVU Parkersburg.

Employees of the Actors Guild have had experience moving shows before, and explain what makes it easier with the facilities they have.

"We actually now own, what we call 'The Annex' next door," said David Rexroad, President of the Actors Guild in Parkersburg. "We still can use our rehearsal hall, even though the renovations are going on in the theater at least for now, which is good. So, there's rehearsal space, we just can't get on stage and do things. So, that makes, that part of it made it easier."

The renovations need to be completed by the time the actors need to rehearse "The Producers", which will open in April.