Airport runway project "ready for takeoff"

Published: Jun. 19, 2020 at 6:13 PM EDT
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It's an $8 million project that's finished slightly ahead of time and under budget, to resurface and replace a runway that had not had any work done since the late 1990's.

"A pothole on a runway can kill people," notes Glen Kelly, airport manager. "A pea-size gravel ingested into a jet engine can cause it to detonate. These things are important for the safety and longevity of this airport and all those people that fly here so they'll be safe."

While general aviation-that's corporate and private air travel-continued, passenger air service was halted for three weeks.

Kelly doesn't think that part of air service was affected greatly, since it was still slowly coming back as the economy reopened.

Still, people were starting to board airplanes again in the latter part of May.

"Do I think they'll come back at the rate they were? I don't. I think there's going to be a level of trust that this is going to be safe as people fly as it comes to COVID. Actually, they're going to be safer taking off from our runway."

The project was funded with a federal infrastructure grant for which the airport did not have to provide matching funds.

Fuel sales took off as general aviation did. There's hope as the passengers come back, the revenues will, too.