American Legion turns 100

PARKERSBURG, W. Va. American Legion Post 15 in Parkersburg celebrated the 100 year anniversary of the American Legion,Sunday. The veterans also celebrated the 100 years of Post 15 in Parkersburg.

The room was filled with history and veterans celebrating the day with their family and friends.

Ron Spiker is a veteran is who served in the U.S. Navy for 8 years.

"I came back and joined the American Legion and joined all my comrads and service here," said Spiker.

Spiker is 84 years old and has been member of the American Legion for 30 years.

"A place where I can meet my friends and other veterans that served in the service with me and some that I have not met a lot people are new and I have made new friends with a lot of people," said Spiker.

American Legion Post 15 is one of the largest in the state of West Virginia with over 800 members.

Spiker like other veterans are happy to have a safe haven like the American Legion to come together and share old war stories.

Marianne Bennett is a veteran and commander of American Legion Post 15. Bennett is only the second woman in Post 15's history to hold the position as commander.

The position hasn't been held by a woman since 1960.

"One thing that we do like is having the families and we want more things for families. We don't just want it to be a bar. There are four pillars of the American Legion and youth and children is one of those four pillars," said Bennett.

American Legion Post 15 welcomes the community to come have lunch during the week.

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