And now, the 2020 vote

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WOOD COUNTY, W.Va., WASHINGTON COUNTY, Oh.-(WTAP) Nearly every office from president to local mayors and city councils is being decided in 2020 in Wood County.

The city of Mary Esther in Okaloosa County held a special municipal election Tuesday, June 4. (MGN)

And local and state judges will be chosen not in the November general election, but in the May primary.

Elections officials believe the voting process will go more quickly in May than it did in 2016.

"Even though the primary may be very busy, we're not going to have the delegates to the national convention on the ballot," says Mark Rhodes, Wood County Clerk. "So I don't think we'll have the long lines we had in 2016, where they were voting on the national delegates."

The county also has been training poll workers on new voting machines it took delivery of earlier in 2019.

Washington County's election vote for 2019, completed Tuesday, was its first for new voting machines. But with an Ohio primary set for March 17th, planning for 2020 is well under way.

"We know it's going to be that much earlier, so we have made some plans with our paperwork and so forth," says Peggy Byers, outgoing Deputy Director for the Washington County Board of Elections. "The (deadline) for the petitions to be filed is December 18, so we're definitely in a continuing mode here this time."

The filing period for West Virginia's elections is set for January 13-28.