Annual “Souper Bowl of Caring” event raises money for food pantry

MARIETTA, OH (WTAP)- The youth group at the First Presbyterian Church of Marietta hosted their yearly “Souper Bowl of Caring” event Sunday afternoon.

The event, an annual tradition for over 10 years, was open to the community and 18 different types of soup were served.

Each soup was made by a member of the church, and the youth group helped in preparing and serving the meals.

All donations received from the fundraiser will be donated to the Marietta Community Food Pantry.

“It helps us understand hunger issues and it also allows people who need food on today or any day just to give them some food and help them with any problems they might have…We’re doing it on Super Bowl Sunday to raise awareness for hunger and poverty issues in the area,” explains Abby Miller, a member of the First Presbyterian Church of Marietta’s youth group.

On average, the group says that they feed around 150 people at the “Souper Bowl of Caring” each year.

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