Annual Victorian Christmas tours come to an end

Published: Dec. 8, 2019 at 7:26 PM EST
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The Julia-Ann square Historic District is a pillar in the Parkersburg community. People from all over visiting the homes every year.

The district hosted its annual Victorian Christmas home tour showcasing 5 homes.

The Smith's have been apart of the tour for 19 years. They actually live in one of the homes, 10 months out the year and every year allow hundreds of people from the community to learn about the history of Victorian homes. They believe these homes should be cherished in the community as they are a part of Parkersburg history.

"We really enjoy it, the builders of these homes took so much pain and agony to build them," said Judith Smith, home owner, tour chair. And they have left them to us as a legacy here in Parkersburg and so we just want to show everybody what Mr. William Caswell did back in 1885."

All donations from the tours stay in the Julia-Ann Square Historic District and contribute to the upkeep of the homes and the neighborhood.