Aspen Dental “Day of Service” provides free dental work to veterans

VIENNA, W.Va (WTAP)- The Aspen Dental clinic in Vienna provided free dental work and evaluations ton Saturday to military veterans.

This is part of their national day of service initiative.

One Ohio veteran who will be receiving his first new pair of dentures in nearly 30 years is grateful to the business for their kindness.

“It makes me feel real good. Real good because the old ones, they were getting warn down. The bottom ones, I couldn’t wear so I’m very thankful to them for it,” says army veteran Rex Hosom.

“My whole family has been veteran. My husband is a veteran. I see every day what comes in this office, and I see when people can’t afford it," adds Dee Dee Thomas, lead dental assistant with Aspen Dental. "I’m very thankful that we give back to the veterans. Very thankful that this office, and Aspen Dental, gives back to the people that fought for what we have today."

The initiative is implemented at Aspen Dental locations across the county.

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