Williamstown marching band rocks out to Queen this season

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WILLIAMSTOWN, W.Va. (WTAP) - The Williamstown Marching band is kicking this season off with a full show honoring the band Queen.

"We’re doing four songs. The first is 'Crazy Little Thing Called Love,' The second one is 'Bohemian Rhapsody,' obviously. The third one’s a drum break, which is 'Boo-Ray,' which takes Bach’s music and we do it with the percussion and then the fourth one is 'We Are the Champions,'” said Field Commander Kiteara Sinnett

“I enjoy that we’ve always done bands like this, it just sounds good to me, it looks good to me and I like that we can recognize what it is we’re playing. And it usually gets the crowds kind of hyped up,” said Logan Hedges, a bass drummer in the band.

Rock and Roll might be familiar to the band but, Director Jed Corra just began his career with Williamstown High and he says this year has been a change for everyone.

“This has been a big change for me going from elementary school to high school, even though the seniors still a lot of time act like kindergartners, but they’ve really warmed up to me and they listen and they’re enjoying the changes and it’s a learning experience for all of us and I think we’re doing really well,” said Corra.

Former trumpeter and new band manager Laura Delancy says she’s seen the band grow a lot in the few weeks they’ve been practicing.

“It was a little rough at the start, but I think that they’re going to do okay and I think we’re going to surprise people once we get into the football games and competitions,” said Delancy.

Part of that surprise may come some additional instruments.

“We’ve got a lot more students coming in that want to play the more obscure instruments and that gives us a good basis for little odds and ends here and there. That’s going to give us the spice that we need, the edge in competition,” said River Perry, a pit percussionist.

Not only are there some new interests within the band, but there are some good looking newbies on the field. The seniors who only get to have Mr. Corra for this year feel pretty good about leaving the band in the hands of its newest members.

“The rookies have a lot of potential that I can see, there are definitely some things that come with being new that you still have to get out and I think this year is going to be mostly about growing more than anything,” said Hedges.

Williamstown high may have room to grow, but they appear to be starting from a good place and according to Field Commander Kiteara Sinnett, Mr. Corra is doing great.