"Bear Hunt" challenge offered to Pleasants County students

Published: Mar. 25, 2020 at 4:40 PM EDT
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While students in Pleasants County are not in school, they have another adventure they can take on.

St. Marys residents, along with the Boys and Girls Club of Pleasants County have begun a "Bear Hunt" challenge, where people put teddy bears in their windows for people to see outside.

Children and their parents can drive around town and count how many bears they see.

Community members believe that the children of Pleasants County are special, and this time off has been rough for everyone. They brought the program to the area to lighten up the children's spirits.

"It's just a special place, Pleasants County is," said Kathy McHenry, St. Marys resident. "Our kids are very special to us. I am a teacher assistant at St. Marys Elementary School, and I just know how much this will mean to them. Being involved with their parents, getting out, that sort of thing."

McHenry hopes that this will continue to spread to other areas, and she mentioned that Ritchie and Doddridge County are also taking part in the Bear Hunt challenge.

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