Young black bear fatally shot after it grew too familiar with people who regularly fed it

Wildlife officials in Oregon fatally shot a young black bear after saying it grew too accustomed to human contact. (Source: Washington County Sheriff's Office/CNN)

(CNN) – Wildlife officials in Oregon said they were forced to fatally shoot a friendly young black bear after too many people fed it.

The 100-pound bear was between 2 and 3 years old.

Locals often came up to it at an Oregon park, leaving behind sunflower seeds and trail mix and taking selfies with it.

But officials said the bear had grown too familiar with human interaction, and as a result it could pose a public safety risk.

Last week officials made the decision to shoot and kill the bear.

Police had been getting calls about people spotting the bear since the beginning of June.

They warned the public not to feed the bear and to avoid it after they found selfies taken with the animal.

In Oregon, it is illegal to lure wild animals by leaving behind food or garbage.

The state Department of Fish and Wildlife said the young bear could have been relocated if it hadn’t grown so accustomed to human contact.

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