Belleville Homecoming rolls into day 2

BELLEVILLE, W. Va. (WTAP) - Belleville Homecoming rolled into its second day with many vendors, a large flea market, and a room full of history.

Hundreds of people from the community came out for a day filled with fun.

"I think our homecoming is more family oriented. We're trying to get the families back together from out of town, families visit this time of year," said Parsons, treasurer.

Children enjoyed the watermelon eating contest and some people became vendors for the first time.

"I know a lot of people here, I'm retired and I had some baskets to sell so I decided to try it out," said Jackson.

Rose Jackson is a resident of Belleville and comes to the homecoming every year but this year she is working.

"I had a family tragedy about 25 years ago and somebody introduced me to basket making so it's a hobby plus its therapy for me," said Jackson.

Jackson is very excited to be selling her baskets and enjoy the community and she does have advice for people who haven't attended Belleville homecoming.

"They should come down and check out, there are a lot of good food here, a lot of nice vendors, and some local entertainment. So, they should come out and check it out for themselves," said Jackson.

Belleville Homecoming will come to an end on Sunday.

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