Belpre 4th grader gets letter from President Trump

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BELPRE, Oh.-(WTAP) If there's a Mother's Day and a Father's Day, why can't there be a "Kids' Day"?

That's a question a Belpre Elementary School youngster recently posed, in a letter to President Donald Trump.

And, in mid-October, Toby Givens got a response form the president, which he shared with us this week.

The president did not comment to declaring a kids' day, but he did thank the nine-year old 4th grader for his suggestion.

Toby is encouraged by the president's response.

"If the president says yes, then we can have it. It's on a school day," he said, "I think on a Friday, in the middle of school day, or the beginning of school day."

The letter says the president and the First Lady are inspired by youngsters like Toby. Trump called on him to "never stop learning".

School administrators have framed the letter for Toby and his family.