Belpre High School holds annual Veterans Day assembly

BELPRE OH, (WTAP)- Belpre High School held their annual Veterans Day assembly to honor those that have served.

The student council of the high school organized and facilitated the ceremony themselves.

Teachers at the high school feel that the student organized assembly helps to place a meaningful impact on the event for all the students.

“I certainly think that it’s important for our students to realize that without the sacrifices that our veterans make, that most likely having the opportunity to come to a school wouldn’t be possible...Without these veterans, without their sacrifices, a lot of the things that we do every day just wouldn’t be possible,” says Tyler Leasure, the event organizer.

“I like letting them know that there’s things out there that they can do and things that they can experience that 99% of the people in the country never will, and letting them put a face- they read about Veterans Day, but to put a face to what they’re learning about,” explains guest speaker and veteran Robert Wade.

The program included performances from the Belpre band, choir, and hand bell ensemble.