Belpre elected officials take office

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BELRPE, Ohio (WTAP) - Elected city officials in Belpre were sworn in January first, including Mayor Mike Lorentz and all of city council.

City council met shortly after being sworn in to fill empty seats left from 2019’s elections.

At large representative Larry Martin was elected by council to be their new president, and Bill Locke was elected as the first ward representative.

Mayor Lorentz is entering his fourth term as mayor of Belpre, and even though he says he’s the only Democrat in the building, he’s ready to work with the new city council.

“I can work with anybody. And I think if the ones on here now are here for the citizens of Belpre, we’ll be fine,” said Lorentz.

City council is now operational but they are still missing an at large representative. It’s up to the Republican Central Committee to decide who takes that seat.