Belpre students head back to school this Wednesday

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BELPRE, Ohio (WTAP) - Students in Belpre return to school this Wednesday, August 14th.

Belpre Elementary’s new principal, Lauren Keeling says they will be focusing on what she calls “the portrait of a graduate,” meaning they are looking at what today’s kindergartners need to know, how they need to socialize and what they need to be able to do as seniors in high school and beyond.

She says Belpre Elementary wants to prepare their students to step out into the real world.

“So we’re focusing in on creativity and problem solving and… how to read a situation. How do you take what you know and apply it to what’s happening around you,” said Keeling.

Principal Keeling says that Belpre’s new superintendent, Jeff Greenley has been looking into how to improve the schools, and she is following his lead.