Betty Sutton returns to Washington County to speak to local voters

MARIETTA, Ohio (WTAP) - Richard Cordray's running mate in Ohio's Governor Election, Betty Sutton, visits Marietta Tuesday, talking to Washington County voters about opponent, Mike DeWine.

Tuesday, Sutton called out DeWine's attacks on protection for Ohioans battling preexisting conditions.

She says 4.8 million Ohioans have preexisting conditions like cancer, diabetes and substance abuse, that Mike DeWine's lawsuit tried to take away coverage for.

She spoke at the Washington County Democratic Party headquarters on Putnam Street in front of a dozen voters.

“One of the defining issues in this Governor’s race this year, we've heard right here in this county and around the state, is protection of health care for Ohioans. People are really responsive. They know that health care is on the ballot. And they know that Rich Cordray and Betty Sutton are the two who are going to protect their health care and fight to reduce costs.” Sutton says.

WTAP reached out to DeWine’s office who says in response, that DeWine has protected preexisting conditions on several occasions, including voting seven times in congress in support of protecting preexisting conditions.

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