Black Lives Matter protests continue in Marietta

Published: Jun. 22, 2020 at 11:36 PM EDT
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Dennis Mwagbe led the Black Lives Matter protest last Monday and continued this Monday, despite the heavy rain.

Protesters were chanting "Black Lives Matter' along with the names of the victims. The crowd of protesters slightly grew from last week.

"I think we got more people with more information, more educated and with more education coming through and I think that's more important everyday," said Dennis Mwagbe, organizer.

Mwagbe says he wants to continue the movement and want more people to keep getting educated on what is going on in the world with police brutality and racism.

"Starting conversations, you know you need to have these conversations in churches, businesses, with your family," said Hayla Zyla-Dennis, protester. We're a predominantly white town and with that, there is a lot of racism ingrained in here even if people try to act like it's not."

Protesters say, they will continue to peacefully protest until their voices are heard.