Boy fighting cancer receives warm welcome home by community

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WELLSTON, Ohio (WSAZ) - Shane Moffitt is a 9-year-old boy fighting anaplastic large cell lymphoma. On Saturday, he was welcomed home from his fifth round of chemotherapy.

Shane was diagnosed with the illness in September. He has to undergo six rounds of chemotherapy at a children's hospital in Columbus, Ohio.

"It's been a really tough journey," Shane's mom, Crystal Moffitt, said.

Just before Shane got into Wellston, he was greeted by first responders. He rode home in a fire truck with a police escort. At his house, community members filled the yard and Santa Clause was parked out front.

"I was just surprised, grateful that so many people cared about a little boy they'd never met," Crystal said.

While Shane and his mom were away for the week, the community came together to help them financially.

Crystal lost her job when Shane got sick. "I ended up going on medical leave and some stuff got mixed up and I ended up getting fired," Crystal said.

Wellston residents purchased many gifts to put under their Christmas tree. They also donated beds because the family was sleeping on air mattresses.

An organizer of the donations and welcome home event even bought Crystal a car. "Words can't explain it. I don't have the words to tell how much I appreciate it and how much easier it's going to be," Crystal said.

Although Shane is not a boy of many words, he is very grateful for the support. "Thank you everyone," Shane said.

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