Burger King delivers free meal coupons to area students

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MID-OHIO VALLEY-(WTAP) While the coronavirus restrictions and closings have affected it directly, the company who owns local Burger King restaurants has reached out to help local school children.

Burger King is giving parents a chance to get their kids free meals starting next week. (Source: CNN)

The chain's local franchiser, Charton Management, and Hall Financial Advisors this week provided Wood County schools, and Marietta, Belpre and Warren Local School students in Washington County with 2,000 coupons for kids' meals.

The coupons were distributed to school superintendents to hand out to students on a first-come, first-served basis.

"Our school systems are able to support a lot of children through providing meals, says Grant Wharton of Charton Management.
"With the schools closing down, we thought there might be a shortfall to feed those children."

"Hunger is something we know is rampant, and what better way to do it with Burger King, said Chris Hall of Hall Financial Management, a partner in the project. "That way, we can get the message out to the schools, that, 'hey, we are here to support you'."

In all, the coupons were worth $6,200.

They are good for a hamburger, cheeseburger or chicken nuggets, along with a side-such as fries-and a drink.