CDC suggests refraining from vaping

Published: Oct. 7, 2019 at 7:06 PM EDT
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The CDC doesn't know exactly what is causing the problem, but its urging people to stop vaping until it can find out.

“But if you are going to use e-cigarettes not to add anything else to the oils," said Brainard, public information officer, Mid-Ohio Valley Health Department.

Health officials think it's the THC that's being added to vaping products, but they aren't sure.

The CDC also wants parents to be aware of their children using e-cigarettes.

“So many young people are using e-cigarettes thinking it’s safe. Children, their brains are still developing; their lungs are still developing so it's harmful to them no matter what," said Brainard.

Corey Tunnell is the owner of Vape Advantage in Parkersburg and has been in business for 5 years.

“This is an adult industry created by adults for an adult problem to the tobacco problem, combustible cigarettes. 480,000 people a year die from cigarette related illnesses, 70,000 a year die of opioids, and other drug related deaths," said Tunnell.

He thinks it's the black-market products that are causing the problem.

“Vaping is twice as successful as the patches and the gum. So in England, they’re putting vape shops with flavored nicotine in their hospitals, so it’s very different than what we’re seeing in the United States," said Tunnell.

“E-cigarettes, 99.9% have some nicotine in them, they also have heavy metals, led and tin and they also have the carcinogens and they touted as a way to quit smoking but that’s not proving out to be the case," said Brainard.

So far, the CDC says 18 deaths in 15 states can be connected to vaping.