Charities receiving less money than usual this holiday season

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PAREKRSBURG, W.Va. (WTAP) - As the holiday season nears, many charitable organizations are collecting donations to fund their operations next year, but some national reports suggest giving is down.

The Red Kettle Campaign for the Parkersburg and Marietta Salvation Army's are coming up short of where they were last year.

“Well, when it comes to our kettle initiative, our Red Kettle Campaign, we’re down about $27,000 right now, compared to last year,” said Major Patrick Richmond of the Parkersburg Salvation Army.

“Our goal this year is $66,109, as of yesterday [December 9th], we’ve raised $12,000,” said Lieutenant Megan Moretz of the Marietta Salvation Army.

While national reports suggest giving is down in general, the Salvation Army officers believe bad weather and a shorter giving season have impacted donations.

“We had less days leading up to thanksgiving, as was last year. We lost about five days because of the calendar year. But, we’re hoping that that will be made up within the next thirteen days of bell ringing,” said Richmond.

With less than two weeks of bell ringing left, the Marietta Salvation Army has turned to local businesses for help.

“Solvay Supply, Riverview Industrial Supply, the Scwendeman Agency, and Artex Oil Company, will each be matching a day of our kettle contributions, up to two thousand dollars this year,” said Moretz.

Each of those businesses will be matching donations on one of four days December 20th, 21st, 23rd or 24th.

And DuPont is matching up to $2,500 for the Parkersburg Salvation Army, which has almost been met.

Funds from the Red Kettle Campaigns fund Salvation Army operations for an entire year, so while the organizations will still help as much as they can, lack of funding may have an impact on what they can do.