City of Marietta looking to improve traffic signals

MARIETTA, Ohio The city of Marietta is working on a city wide project for traffic signals and fiber. All of the traffic signals are currently connected through a fiber line that were put in 20 years ago.

The city is now working with ODOT D-10 to replace all of the fiber.

Traffic patterns have changed over the years.

The city studied 35 intersections and found that 3 of them do not meet warrants meaning there is not significant enough traffic there to have traffic signals.

"Now the city can choose to keep the signal there, but if we keep the signal there we will not be eligible for any state or federal funding for upgrading the traffic signals or providing any equipment for the traffic signals," said Tucker, city engineer.

The streets that do not meet warrants are:

- Second Street and Scammel Street
- Franklin Street and Market Street
- Acme Street and Phillips Street

The city will notify the public and will do a study for 90 days using flashing lights on those streets.

The city is working on a three phase plan to improve all street signals in the city of Marietta that is set to be complete in 2022.

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