City of Parkersburg honored by WV Municipal League

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PARKERSBURG, W.Va.-(WTAP) The city of Parkersburg this week was honored with two awards by the West Virginia Municipal League.

Mayor Tom Joyce says both awards cited the city for cost reduction efforts.

One involved the closing two years ago of the city's civil service programs: the city-operated police and fire pension plans, and the transfer of those programs involving new hires to the state.

The mayor notes that led to the city reducing its police and fire fees by 5%.

The other award was for modifications Parkersburg has made in its in-ground stormwater retetention system.

"And particularly with regards to our engineering department. Our engineer, Adam Stout, came up with the idea of holding this water back with an underground retention system< Joyce said Friday. "It's a lot cheaper than tearing up old storm water drains and replacing them with new ones."

The mayor gives credit to Parkersburg City Council for its approval of legislation allowing both cost-saving measures.

The state municipal league this week held its 50th annual statewide conference in Huntington.