Grogg's Home Services offers tips on staying warm and safe this winter

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BLENNERHASSETT, W.Va. (WTAP) - As temperatures drop, furnaces come on. To avoid fires and other hazards, Grogg’s Home Services owner Tim Hanlon offers advice on how to stay warm and safe this winter.

Hanlon says issues with furnaces can often be avoided with routine maintenance.

Cleaning the filter is one of the easiest ways to do so, and he says the Department of Energy recommends a certified professional inspects your furnace about once every 12 months.

“It’s like changing oil in your car, actually your furnace runs a lot more than your car does. You wouldn’t go without changing the oil and maintenance on your car, but a lot of people do that on their furnace as well," said Hanlon.

For safety purposes, he says to only use space heaters to heat one small space at a time, and make sure there are no small pets or children nearby to knock them over.

Hanlon says if you’re looking to cut back on your energy usage, you can dial back the thermostat a few degrees, especially when you’re out of the house.