Local officais meet with Eramet on noise issue

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WOOD COUNTY, W.Va.-(WTAP) Update: 2/4/2019

Local government leaders from both Wood and Washington counties recently heard about efforts by a local manufacturer to solve a noise problem.

For several months, residents in an near Vienna have complained about a loud noise they believe is coming from the Eramet plant across the Ohio River.

Company representatives told local leaders, including Wood County Commission President Blair Couch, Eramet in investing money and research to come up with a solution.

Couch, who briefed the commission Monday morning on the meeting, says he has been told several factors contribute to the problem.

"The atmospheric condition plays a role," Couch said. "The humidity changes. So there's a lot of things that go into this sound, and a lot of different factors that affect who it's going to impact the most."

In a statement released in November, Eramet indicated the problem may have resulted from installation of a dust collection system.

The company has given a timetable of 15 weeks-nearly four months-to come up with a solution.


At its last meeting of the year Thursday, the Wood County Commission discussed ongoing concerns over nuisance sounds being heard, believed to be from the Eramet plant in Washington County, across the Ohio River.

Residents, primarily from the Vienna area, have expressed concerns that unusual sounds are coming from the area where the Washington County Eramet plant is located.

A Washington County commissioner tells us Eramet has set up meters to determine the location of the noises, but there's no word yet on the results.

Leaders of both counties say there is little they can directly do about the problem.

"It's a Catch-22; you try to improve your factory so that it emits less particulate," said Wood County Commission President Blair Couch. "Then you get stuck getting calls because the vacuums you put on to remove the particulates are now causing people distress based on noise."

Washington County Commissioner Ron Feathers says there are no county laws affecting the plant.

The Washington County Commission earlier in December discussed the problem with Eramet and Vienna Mayor Randy Rapp.