Commissioners to take action on abandoned home

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PARKERSBURG, W.Va.-(WTAP) The Wood County Commission prepares to take action on a home whose owner county officials say hasn't taken any action at all.

The property is located on Barnstable Avenue, near South Parkersburg.

The owner was given 30 days notice to clean it up. But County Compliance Officer Sarah Farnsworth says that hasn't been done.

It will be condemned for now, but officers have to wait until spring to do anything else, while it's been determined whether it can be sold.

"Sarah is able to work with the property owners to clean up, repair their structure," Commission President Blair Couch noted, "with the threat of appearing before the commission. They understand, and they know we're being serious."

Meanwhile, the commission determined the owners of another property on Lost Pavement Road have made progress cleaning it up.

The compliance office will continue to monitor it, however, to make sure that progress continues.