Community members learn adult mental health first aid in Marietta

Published: Jul. 31, 2018 at 6:38 PM EDT
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One in five adults experience a mental health issue in the United States, according to

The Washington County Behavioral Health Board organized a workshop to teach people the skills to assist someone in a mental health crisis. The eight-hour course for adult mental health first aid teaches participants warning signs and strategies to help someone in a mental health-related crisis.

Organizers say this free class is a priceless education for the community.

"I think this program covers basically everything that you would need to know as a layperson to react in a situation where someone may have a mental health crisis," said participant Tamara Dalrymple.

"We see people that look like they are crying or standing alone or seem a little off and we have no way how to deal with that," Washington County Behavioral Board worker Miriam Keith said. "Now taking this class doesn't mean that you have to every time that you're obligated but it means that you have the tools you need if that should happen to help that person, to approach them in a way that's helpful."

Everyone that successfully completed the course was certified in adult mental health first aid for three years.